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The stone carving is realistic in shape, round and delicate, and the pattern is smooth and free. Its traditional skills began in Han, matured in Wei and Jin, and became popular in the Tang Dynasty. There are several major categories of garden sculptures, architectural sculptures, statues, stone carving crafts, and products have hundreds of varieties: marble fireplace stands, character sculptures, reliefs, abstract sculptures, fountains, flower pots, Roman columns, railings, pavilions, busts, doors Sets, stone benches, bathtubs, animal carvings, tombstones, antique sculptures, etc. The stone carvings have a long history, and they pay attention to realistic shapes, round and delicate techniques, and smooth and free patterns. The engraving products mainly include figures, animals, fireplaces, flower pots, railings, fountains, reliefs, dragon pavilions and dragon columns, Qionglou jade pavilions, birds and beasts, various fine carvings, etc. Not only is it rich in the charm of ancient art, but also has an elegant and bright modern art style, it enjoys the reputation of "smart work" and "shattering the world" at home and abroad. Stone carving is a collection of creative, design and production of various artworks. Simply put, it is a work carved with stone-artwork. Chinese stone carving craftsmen and Western stone carving artists are very similar in the form of creation, but their social responsibilities are quite different. In China, the stone carving personnel are still a member of the traditional division of labor, and their main responsibilities are to make statues for temple buildings and to carve stones for buildings. On the one hand, they have no free space for independent creation. Their work lacks the ability to intervene in social reality. In the West, freely created stone sculptures in the "studio" can express their observations of society with the help of works, and the power of the works is not weaker than that of contemporary painters. The Western stone carvings that are accepted by all parties and profited from can be used to enter various public spaces of modern society, such as squares, streets, and parks. This is another reason why Western stone carvings differ from Chinese stone carvings.Stone Sculpture suppliers