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This red steel cylinder is a co2 cylinder fire extinguisher. We are no strangers to fire extinguishers. This kind of necessary fire fighting equipment in life can bring us safety protection in a critical moment.
We know that fire extinguishers can be divided into bottles and valves in appearance, filled with fire extinguishing agents, liquid, gaseous, and powder. How to ensure the tightness of these chemical substances?
When we made the bottle body, we used a bottom closure technology. The bottle body produced by this technology looks more integrated. At the same time, the high temperature treatment makes the bottle body stronger and better quality.
Specification and dimension table
Cylinder weight(kg)5.06.310.013.5
Total weight(kg)7.59.715.621.5
Work pressure(bar)150150150150
Test pressure(bar)250250250250
Wall thickness(mm)4.0-4.34.0-4.34.5-4.84.5-4.8
MaterialCarbon steelCarbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon Steel
Factory environment
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Packing & Shipping
Q1: Why choose us锛?/p>
A1:We are a gas cylinder manufacturer, we have our own factory
Q2:What kind of production process is used
A2:This is a production process with a closed bottom, which makes the cylinder look more integrated
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80 mints by High Speed Train from Hangzhou city.
120 mints by High Speed Train from Shanghai city.
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